Tepra Pro

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Tepra Pro SR970
Item FeatureTepla high printing speeds and quiet sound design enables labels create comfortable it i..
Tepra Pro SR150
Item FeatureArticle name, article numberLabel writer "テプラ" PRO SR150This color of the bodyOff-whiteM..
Tepra Pro SR250
Item FeatureKing Jim Tepla. A simple type with simple features easy to use. -Label writer ( business..
Tepra Pro SR530
Item FeatureDesign Form30 speciesAllocationFourMulti Line Pairs Print2 - 8 linesPrinting MethodPRO t..
Tepra Pro SR550
Item FeaturePrinting MethodPRO thermal transfer printing methodTabular Work4 typesLetter Spacing4 st..
Tepra Pro SR5900P
Item FeaturePC connection type at the top. Tepra static sound design, high speed printing now availa..
Tepra Pro SR750
Item description new backlight, 4-in easy to read displayBacklit four-tone display LCD. Backlig..
Tepra Pro SR950
Special featuresThe printer will automatically cut labels whenever printing and stores printedconten..
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